How to find peace

Sometimes in this crazy fast moving and changing world we all have to live in we are always looking for ways to chill out or make ourselves peaceful and we will do almost everything and anything to find it whether it be tai chi yoga meditation drugs or whatever it happens to be that you might be doing to find it, just speaking from my own experience right from when I was in my late twenties up until now and now and I’m fifty five I must of tried just about everything that I came in touch with but there was always this belief in my mind that peace was something that you had to search for or try to find by one method or another but over the last three years or so after going through many big changes in my life like losing both my parents being sick and having an operation on my stomach moving out to Thailand to live and living in a different culture and environment I slowly stopped looking for peace because I realized that it was there all the time it’s just I didn’t see that because I did not have the emotional stability that I have now which came about by excepting everything that had happened to me in my life over the last few years so all I’m saying is once you are not overwhelmed by any emotional states whether it be anger sadness love pride or whatever you will automatically start to feel more peaceful within yourself it’s not that you don’t feel emotional it’s just that you have more control over how it affects you that’s all and the mind is like a massive great mansion with hundreds of rooms in like the happy room the anger room the sad room the fear room the glad room and whole lot more besides this and as you gain more and more experience you will know what room you are walking into and you will be able to choose whether to stay in the room or walk straight back out and lock the door behind you when you want to: So when you want peace just open the door to that room and walk in and stay there for a while because the room is there all the time just make sure that you have opened the right door to the correct room that’s all you need to do you don’t have to look any where or do anything sure you could go somewhere peaceful like a tree lined hill side or a serene lakeside if you wish but if you have walked into the wrong room or you are feeling troubled about something or other you still won’t be able to find peace until you enter the correct room which is of course within you all of the time no matter where you happen to be all that has happened to us is we get distracted by what is going on outside of us most of the time so we end up losing track of what’s happening inside of ourselves and all our thoughts feelings and desires become intertwined like loads of fibre optic wires thousands and thousands of them all twisted together in a big web of weird until sometimes it can be difficult for you to sure be why you are feeling the way you do but believe me when I say once you stop looking for answers or reasons and except things the way they are here and now more often than not that will be the moment that all the answers and reasons that you was looking for will come to you and in that moment you will start to feel a great sense of peace and the more often you can just let things be the more often you will feel peaceful; so don’t keep running after it because the more you chase after it the more it runs away from you and you can apply this principle to anything in your life; one more thing that I will say is after I recovered from the sickness and operation that I had I knocked all the bad habits that I had on the head like smoking and drinking whisky or whatever and realized how much of an illusion I created for myself which I used to hide behind and how much it had fooled me into thinking and feeling that I was peaceful or chilled out or whatever anyhow just make sure if you want to experience any benefits from doing yoga meditation or whatever, that you are fully aware and at least have some emotional stability because if you don’t you will end up having to learn the hard way just like I did folks.